Small Group System

Small Group System

One of the most important places your people can experience spiritual growth is beyond the seats of your church on Sunday mornings; it’s sitting in a living room with their small group. Small groups are key to connecting your people together and spurring them on to spiritual growth in a tight knit community. We believe so strongly in the impact small groups can have on your people that we’ve created an entire system designed specifically to help you launch a brand new small group ministry or increase the impact of the one you already have.

Additional Information

Small Group System is a turn-key system to help grow your small groups and create a place for your people to connect. You’ll get 16 files including:

  • Recruitment tools
  • Email templates
  • Checklists
  • Leadership training
  • and MUCH MORE

You’ll learn:

  • How to recruit and train small group leaders
  • How to gather interested group members from your church
  • How to connect group members together
  • How to launch the small group program in your church