Pastoral Care & Counseling System

Pastoral Counseling System Card

Your church is made up of a variety of people who each have different needs, hurts, and concerns that need to be addressed. Providing care and counseling to your people is one of the most vital parts of pastoring a church. Because the spiritual and emotional health of the individuals in your congregation is so important, we designed Pastoral Care and Counseling to walk with you through the process of helping your people heal.

As a pastor, you constantly have people asking for advice, seeking resolution with a conflict, and looking for help with family issues. Pastoral Care & Counseling System gives you a framework to use when counseling members of your congregation.

Additional Information

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up and conduct an initial counseling session
  • The importance of creating internal boundaries as you counsel
  • How to find and provide counseling referrals
  • Specific ways to pray prior to counseling
  • Questions to ask to guide conversation in counseling

You’ll get:

  • 5 things to pray before a counseling session
  • Forms to use in pastoral care and counseling
  • An editable pastoral care email
  • Questions to ask in an initial counseling session
  • A list of counseling referrals
  • An index of counseling resources
  • Tools to assist in crisis specific counseling