Upfront Leadership Development Toolkit


What is UpFront?

As a leader, you are constantly communicating. Whether it is casting vision for your team, pitching a new idea to your supervisor, or speaking to an audience, leadership always comes with a microphone. That is why we created UpFront.

UpFront is a leadership development toolkit helping team members throughout the organization improve their leadership skills by focusing specifically on their communication skills. It is designed to help presenters make their next presentation their best presentation, and it includes digital and physical materials.

Jeff Henderson, lead pastor of Gwinnett Church and co-creator of Preaching Rocket, teaches a five-step process to prepare and deliver a better presentation. Jeff has coached presenters for over 20 years and teaches regularly at the North Point Community Church campuses in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Additional Information

What Is Included?

The UpFront system is broken into five coaching videos taught by Jeff and includes a workbook that can be used as you prepare each presentation.

  • Thumb drive with coaching videos– You will receive a thumb drive with 5 coaching videos from Jeff Henderson.
  • Workbook– Follow along in the workbook as you watch the coaching videos, and then use the workbook to help prepare your next presentation.

Who Is UpFront For?

  • UpFront isn’t limited to your senior leader or leadership team. It’s designed for all the members of your team who communicate – from the Senior Pastor to the Preschool Director who has to cast vision to recruit and train volunteers.
  • UpFront encourages and elevates the communication skills of your staff members.
  • Use UpFront as a team training resource and to develop multiple communicators.