Fresh Eyes | Seeing Christmas In A New Light

Fresh Eyes

Bring the Christmas story to life for your congregation, and engage guests and visitors in a life-changing way with the Fresh Eyes series!

Additional Information

Let’s be honest… Coming up with ideas for a Christmas series isn’t an easy task, is it?

What do we say that hasn’t already been said?
How do we find new angles and approaches to engage people with the Christmas narrative?

Plus, don’t most of us feel like our congregation and guests show up feeling like they already know what we’re going to say?

That’s why we created this series, Fresh Eyes!


Written and pulpit-tested by Jeff Henderson and Carey Nieuwhof, this series is all about seeing Christmas in a new light!

Each of the four sermons will focus on the Christmas story from a different character’s perspective.

When you jump in and get this series TODAY, you’ll get…

  • 4 written sermons, including one that is designed to be used at a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day service.
  • Coaching videos from Jeff and Carey walking you through each of the sermons.
  • Social media posts.
  • Series invite email.
  • Series logo that you can use in emails, social media posts, on screen, etc.