Sunday Morning Systems Coaching Program

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You’re here because in some capacity, you’re stuck or overwhelmed. The day to day moving parts of your worship service aren’t really moving. And your focus is on stuff like…

  • The key volunteer is late…
  • The mic needs fresh batteries…
  • The projector is off center…
  • First time guests don’t know where to park…

Sunday Morning Systems is here to help.

What Is Sunday Morning Systems?

It’s a simple, repeatable system that will help you grow your church services. It’s the Senior Pastor’s best friend to creating a world class experience from the parking lot to the pew on a shoe string budget.

Combining creative training, practical resources, & expert interviews, Sunday Morning Systems coaching program will breathe fresh life into your church and help you create a beginning-to-end worship service experience that your community will talk about.

Additional Information

How Does It Work?

We’ve created 12 Modules of online learning with easy to follow videos, audio, and text-based training to help you create unforgettable services week after week.

  • VIDEO: View comprehensive coaching videos that demonstrate to your entire team the why, how, where, and when to use each example and done-for-you resource.
  • READING: Download and share samples, examples and service planning documents to help with weekly sermon prep.
  • AUDIO: You’ll have access to audio downloads so you can listen and learn while you’re driving or exercising.
  • COMMUNITY: Join our private Facebook community of leaders and members where you can ask questions, get answers, and learn more from your peers and colleagues.

What Are The 12 Modules?

  • MODULE 1: How You Can Keep Your Weekly Services Fresh, Not Repetitive
  • MODULE 2: How You Can Creatively Incorporate The Elements For A Service In Different Ways
  • MODULE 3: How You Can Plan In A Way That Gives People Plenty Of Prep Time
  • MODULE 4 : How You Can Plan A More Effective Time Of Commitment
  • MODULE 5: How You Can Have An Excellent Worship Service With Volunteers
  • MODULE 6 : How You Can Recruit And Empower Volunteers
  • MODULE 7: How You Can Create An Engaging Guest Experience
  • MODULE 8 : How You Can Spotlight Stories To Engage More People
  • MODULE 9 : How You Can Encourage Musicians To Play Together As A Team
  • MODULE 10: How You Can Have Great Auditions And Rehearsals
  • MODULE 11: How You Can Put The Right Songs Together In A Powerful Way
  • MODULE 12: How You Can Improve The Technical Quality Of Your Worship Service

What Are The Results Of Using Sunday Morning Systems?

  1. You’ll see a dramatic improvement in the quality of your services.
  2. You’ll experience the relief of having your service planned in advance
  3. You’ll love the progress you’ve made toward your own reliable Sunday morning systems