Design and deliver engaging worship services

This course is for Worship Leaders who struggle to

  • Engage their congregation
  • Manage worship team volunteers effectively
  • Stay organized
  • Stay Inspired

Your Instructor

Todd Fields
Director of Worship Leader Development at Northpoint Community Church


Worship Rocket Results

  • You’ll get a proven worship leadership system for senior pastors and worship pastors alike
  • You’ll learn what others leaders do to have run a successful worship team
  • You’ll learn how to create more engaging worship services weekly

What's Inside

  • 15+ Downloadable Resources

    Download worksheets, templates, guidelines, and more!


  • 20+ Coaching Videos

    Watch training videos from Todd Fields. He will guide you through transforming your worship services.

  • 24 Module Listening Guides & Ebooks

    Retain what you learn through the guides we have provided.

Worship Rocket Course Outline

Module 1: How To Speak As Well As You Sing | How to lead people in worship by what you say, not just what you sing. How to transition during important moments in the worship service.

Module 2: How To Pick The Right Songs
| Four assumptions you shouldn’t make when selecting songs. How to select songs with your worship team.

Module 3: How To See Your Blind Spots |
How to evaluate yourself and your team. How to create a culture of healthy criticism.

Module 4: How To Elevate Your Worship Experience |
The five steps you need to take to improve your worship service. How to update and change processes that are no longer effective.

Module 5: How To Perform Without Apologizing |
Empowering yourself and your band to lead with confidence. The key to “reading the room” and moving people to moments.

Module 6: How To Get People To Sing |
How to study your audience and environment. Why you should give people an opportunity to respond.

Module 7: How To Find Talented Musicians |
Learn to identify and create a standard. Create a system for assessing, addressing, and auditioning musicians.

Module 8: How To Get On The Same Page As Your Senior Pastor |
Remedy common issues between worship leaders and senior pastors. Create consistent connection between worship leaders and senior pastors.

Module 9: How To Build A Winning Worship Ministry
| B.U.I.L.D. the service. Learn how to bring everything together.

Module 10: How To Keep Your Voice In Shape |
Learn to preserve and care for your vocal chords. Singing in multiple worship services.

Module 11: How To Grow Your Influence |
Learn how to lead through serving. Leading worship with excellence.

Module 12: How To Lead When You’re Empty |
Connect to the Truth of God’s Word. Going in the power of the Holy Spirit.

What People Are Saying

“I am so grateful that you created a Worship Rocket for us worship pastors! The things that you guys address are right on the money for me, and I know they will be for all the other worship leaders out there! The 1st module "learning to speak as well as you sing" really gave me a lot of practical tools for how to construct a "worship talk.”

Jacob Donato, Lamar Christian Church



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